City Tour & Township Futures

Township Futures

Half day tour
From 120USD pp
Full day tour of historic Cape Town and the townships. An inclusive City Tour
Private tour only


– New City Developments
– excellently researched insights into history
– Camissa, the place of sweet waters
– District Six Museum
– BoKaap
– the Slave Lodge
– Township lunch
– local food tasters
– meet people shaping the future


– lunch at a chisa nyama
– drink at a shebeen
– Mineral water
– all entrance fees
– guide


– additional drinks
– discretionary tips


Cape Town is deceptive
. The inner city is very very small, and is often seen as being the city in its entirety.

But the city is actually very big when you look at all of its parts as a whole. Townships are, of course, a part of the city, and so today it makes sense to spend the morning in the city centre itself, which is where the city of Cape Town began, and follow its trajectory of expansion across the course of the day to its margins (or its new centre?), in the townships.

We begin in the city by going back to the beginning. To the first people, the indigenous people. To the stories of the Khoisan, the movements of power and trade that brought colonisation, to Camissa, the `place of sweet waters, and the beginning of commercial trade, to the first markets and first use of currency in the country…. to the heart of the history of the country.

We include the District Six Museum and District Six the area briefly, as well as the slave quarter, the Bo Kaap.

We aim to be in the townships by 1pm for lunch at a local ‘chisa nyama’. Chisa nyama means, literally, hot meat, in isiXhosa, which is the 2nd most spoken language here after Afrikaans. Chisa nyamas are the most popular township eateries. From here we explore the townships from the point of view of opportunity – we know how townships were formed and why, but we never talk about them 20 years into the future. This is the primary point of interest for us – what are townships going to become? If these are the most vibrant points of economic and social development, where are they headed? We meet some of the people and places and projects that are taking things into the future.

We visit some of the spaces that are pioneering urban change.

By 5pm we are back at your accommodation.

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