Johannesburg Jazz Safari


Duration: 4 hours (approx)
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays
(available any night on a private basis)
1900 – 2300


– Meet Johannesburg jazz musicians in their homes
– dine on local cuisine in the homes of the musicians
– discover the city through her music

– home cooked dinner
– beer or soft drink over dinner
– entrance fees to jazz venue if applicable
– hotel pickup and drop off

– alcoholic drinks at jazz venue if visited
– discretionary tips

On this four hour Jazz Safari in Joburg, guests enjoy intimate an private concert in the homes of jazz musicians, home-cooked dinner, and the late set at a local jazz club if the programming is good.

Johannesburg is an incredibly connected city – it connects internally to the rest of the South Africa, and it connects north, to the rest of the continent. Where Cape Town’s primary connections are via the ocean (and hence much of the port city, creole, influence on its music), Johannesburg’s connections are along freeways and train lines and bus routes, and her music tends to be more bass driven and frenetic.

The evening has two parts – part one is a visit to the home of a jazz musician for dinner, with music and conversation, and part two is a visit either to the home of a second musician for a nightcap, or to a jazz venue for the late set.

The experience is intimate and deep, full of music and engagement and fun. It is a unique opportunity to meet local musicians away from club stages, and an excellent way to discover more about Johannesburg and the lives of the people that live in it – through the music.

Our hosts include Johannesburg musicians young and old, all of them composers and performers. These are the musicians defining the sound of the city.

The Joburg Jazz Safari takes place on a scheduled basis 5 nights a week. To book the tour on a private basis, please contact us.



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