About Coffeebeans Routes

Coffeebeans Routes splashes story all over the canvas of tourism.

Stories are our currency, our stories are the equilisers, our stories shift the balance of power.

And tourism is our playground to share the stories of African cities.

We offer a range of short-form experiences in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Kigali and Nairobi, focused on contemporary urban African expression, including music, art, fashion, design, food, entrepreneurship and political history.

Through our creative DMC Creative Travel Africa, we offer long form Pan-African programmes, where the Coffeebeans urban experiences are the building blocks around which wildlife and adventure activities are built.

All of our tours observe COVID-19 hygiene protocols

We are creative and cultural travel specialists, recognised by the travel industry and international press as pioneers in this sector.

We are Fair Trade certified, and multi-award winning.

We have a huge network of people – guides, cooks, musicians, artists, designers, architects, spiritual leaders, writers, landscapers, brewers, wine-makers, historians, entrepreneurs, poets, town planners, journalists… people who make what we do possible, by being willing to share their stories with the world. We are very grateful for their openness.

Coffeebeans Routes was founded in 2005 by Jethro Louw and iain Harris. Our Kenya partner is Maureen Shelmith, and our Rwanda partner is Jefferson Rumanyika.