African Cities


As at August 2018, Coffeebeans offers experiences in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

In late 2019, we will launch experiences in Nairobi, for both inbound and outbound travelers, with offerings for South Africans wanting to learn more about their own continent, and international travelers wanting to engage with contemporary, urban, Africa.

In 2020 we will launch in Kigali and Addis Ababa, and thereafter launch in two more African urban centers per year. Our vision is to offer a holistic access to contemporary, urban, Africa, and open up new ways of seeing.

As we grow, our organizational structure is evolving. Staff and suppliers, the foundation of what we do, become stock holders, benefitting not only from remuneration, but as we expand across the continent, benefitting from the growth in stock value.

This all forms part of our mission, set out in 2008, that seeks to grow Coffeebeans into the primary creative and cultural travel provider on the continent; and doing so in a way that transfers maximum wealth to its extensive supply chain, thereby addressing the inequalities that created sub-Saharan tourism, and that continue to prop it up today.