African Music Safari Cape Town

5 and 7 day African music safari

The music of Cape Town is as diverse as its people. As Jethro Louw the poet describes it, “Cape Town is like a good cup of coffee. All the flavour settles at the bottom. That is Cape Town. All the flavours of the world have settled here”.  Mac McKenzie, one of the city’s most prolific composers, describes Cape Town as a ‘pirate city’: “we have pirated all the music of the world in this town, so our sound is a hybrid, it’s got everything in it.”

It is certainly a music that is between the lines. There is the jazz that came in from American radio and the trade and merchant navy ships. There is the deep traditional music of further north in Africa that came down with migrant labour. There is the music of all the colonising nations that have been here, and the music of all the people captured in their own homes and brought here as slaves. There is just everything here.

Our African Music Safari Cape Town has been designed to take the guest between the lines of our music, culture and lifestyle. It involves plenty of home performances and intimate engagements.

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