African Symphony Safari

Featured image of Mac Mckenzie by Steve Gordon

Duration: 3 hours (approx)
Frequency: Monday to Saturday

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  • A private symphonic concert featuring some of Johannesburg’s finest players
  • Original compositions by Mac McKenzie
  • Intimately staged at the home of Mac McKenzie


  • Gourmet snacks and wine
  • Hotel collection and drop off
  • Private concert


  • Dinner

Suitable for

  • Guests with a love for original symphonic works
  • Guests who just love good music!
  • Guests seeking nuance and surprise and cultural complexity
  • Music lovers of all ages – as it takes place only on a private basis, kids of all ages are welcome

Mac McKenzie is one of South Africa’s most original composers of symphonic works. Since 2011, Mac and his Goema Orchestra have been changing the narrative of African symphonic music, deeply rooting his compositions in the indigenous musics of South Africa.

“Mac is impressive; he’s a product and creator of South Africa’s diverse roots, an expression of how twisted yet beautifully they can grow.Mail & Guardian

For this extraordinary evening in Johannesburg, Mac performs his compositions with a quartet of the best of the city’s classical musicians. Gourmet snacks and fine South African wine are served as part of the evening.

The African Symphony Safari is best suited for visitors who delight in symphonic music,  appreciate contemporary classical works, and are excited to experience the vanguard of original African symphonic music. The experience is intimate and conversational and casual, and is not a black tie event (although guests are most welcome to wear one!)

The experience runs 8pm to 11pm. A typical programme can look like this:

  • 20h00 Collection at accommodation
  • 20h30 Arrive at the home of Mac McKenzie
  • 20h30 – 20h50 Snacks and wine and welcome introduction
  • 20h50 – 21h20 1st Movement
  • 21h20 – 21h40 Snacks and wine
  • 21h40 – 22h00 2nd Movement
  • 22h00 – 22h30 Snacks, wine, conversations with the musicians
  • 23h00 back at accommodation

This experience can also take place during the day, either in the morning 10h00 to 13h00, or afternoon 14h00 to 17h00.