Why are some of your tours priced in ZAR and some in USD?

All of our South African tours are priced in ZAR, and our experiences in other African countries are in USD. USD is the best option for our offerings in other African territories. Before long they’ll probably all be priced in BTC, let’s see…

Why are all of your tours private or group tours only?

Our tours are expensive to run, and don’t work financially with just one or two or three people. In order to be able to properly compensate the people we work with, and ensure that we can run a sustainable business, we need to offer our tours on a private basis.

The one exception is the Jazz Dinner in Cape Town, which we have found a way to price for solo travellers, and still make financial sense for all involved.

Your tours seem expensive! Can you explain the pricing?

As per above, our tours are expensive to run. They depend on bringing in a diversity of voices (such as musicians, artists, designers, thought leaders, cooks, guides, storytellers etc), all of whom make possible the kind of content that we offer. These people all need to be properly compensated. Then there is transport, food, and all of the operational costs of the business that need to be covered, plus some profit to create sustainability.

Can kids join the tours?

Absolutely. One of the benefits of running private tours is that having kids join is easy. The tour can adjust accordingly.

What kind of transport do you use on your tours?

We work with a selection of transport providers to hire in vehicles as needed. We have access to everything from sedans to 60 seater buses, all with reputable providers, passenger liability cover and fully compliant with the Department of Transport’s criteria for transporting paying passengers.

Can we book accommodation with you?

Yes you can! If you are wanting to book multiple tours, and basically have Coffeebeans put together your programme / holiday / immersion, then we are able to take care of everything from activities to hotels and domestic as well as regional flights. We offer full Destination Management and Groundhandling services.