Special Events

Here are some of our `pret a porter’ incentive options:

The Cape Town Carnival Route

For up to 150 people. A day of carnival madness – Immerse in the colour and magic of the Cape Town Carnival. Learn to play carnival instruments, learn carnival songs, feast on traditional carnival food, and march in the streets with a carnival troupe.

The Cape Town Soccer Route

For up to 150 people. Get inside football in Cape Town. Play a round-robin tournament with local amateur teams. Visit premier league facilities. Take a specialised tour of the Green Point Stadium. Meet local professionals.

Music Workshops

For small groups up to 50. Spend an afternoon on either a Composers’ Masterclass or Music Workshop, and learn from some of the city’s top music figures. Enjoy a Cape Town traditional meal, and then enter into a musical universe and come out with new musical skills and insights.

Lecture Series

Up to 100 people. Embark on a series of Lunchtime Lectures. A round robin of 30min lectures, hosted by a cross-section of Cape Town intellectuals and leaders.

Music Dinners

For groups of up to 40. Small group evenings, in exclusive locations, with exquisite local cuisine, in beautiful settings, with the finest in Cape Town music.

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Dance, Art, Theatre and Film Workshops

For groups of up to 150. Create a film or make a play. Learn to dance. Make a sculpture, make pottery, participate in an artjam. In Working with top artists, dancers, actors and film-makers in Cape Town, we are able to create dance, theatre and film workshop opportunities for large groups. These are great for team-building, and great ways to burn off excess corporate energy – or to build energy through creative interventions!

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