Temporarily ceasing operations – COVID-19

Effective 20 March 2020, Coffeebeans Routes has ceased all tour operations and will not be running any tours in any of the territories it operates in until the COVID-19 pandemic is fully under control. 

From the 1st of April, Coffeebeans will go into hibernation and take a break until such time as the governments of the countries we operate in, and the World Health Organisation, have given the all clear for safe travel.

Company emails will be monitored weekly during this time. The phone line will be on voicemail. We will be available for quotes and chats and invitations to tea.

We look forward to re-emerging when it is safe – for our service providers and for our guests – to offer the opportunity to engage deeply with the people and stories of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nairobi and Kigali. Until then, we are using the opportunity to pause, reflect and decompress.

Stay safe!