The Khoi Khollektif

A khollektif consciousness of Cape Town poets and performers

Featured performers: Jethro Louw, poet, on vocals and percussion; Quintin Goliath aka Jitsvinger on guitar, vocals, percussion; Loit Sôls, poet, singer and guitar player; Les Javan, singer, guitar player.


From 05 Oct to 10 Oct 2007 the Khollektif (Jethro Louw and Jitsvinger for this tour) performed in Taiwan at the Migration Music Festival, in Taipei and Tainan. See below for video and pictures from the tour.

VIDEO Visit the Coffee Beans Routes video channel on YOUTUBE for clips from the tour
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With thanks to all the great people at Trees Music and Art, the producers of the Migration Music Festival, Taiwan.

Every now and again, maybe every three months, a selection Cape Town poets come together to re-adjust the timing.

One of them is a ghetto poet originally from Beaufort West. His name is Jethro Louw. He lives in Kalkfontein, about thirty minutes north of the Cape Town CBD. He calls himself Tanneman !Xam and he offers deep insight into the human condition. Get him to do your numbers, you’ll see what we mean. He is, of course, somewhat mad. And not so deep inside madness, is genius.

Another of them is Quintin Goliath, aka Jitsvinger. He appears to have been born to play the bass, everything about him is long limbed, even his poetry. That’s not to say long-winded though. Quintin is in his middle 20s and yet with the maturity of a writer much older. His performance name is Jitsvinger, which means `lightning finger’ in Afrikaans, because he’s a lightning lyricist.

Sometimes a writer of Anthems for Cape Town is in the mix. He is called Loit Sôls, which sounds just past Sauls. He lives in Porterville, on the Cape West Coast, and sometimes in Grahamstown. He also sings, Sbongile calls it goat slaughtering though, but imagine a magnificent wail rather.

Then there is the Javanite, Les. His family is traced back to Egypt, and his name is Les Javan for he came out of the Javanites. Jethro likes to say, `Les is not less, Les is More’ . It is true. Les is a magician.

When they perform together, somehow we are brought to see the past more clearly, because we understand the future. And so we fill in some of the missing links. We find our common wealth.

The Khoi Khollektif is a blues band. I’m going down to the river blues. Mama don’t you cry anymore blues. Hill Street Blues.

The Khoi Khollektif is a collective consciousness.