Uxolo guesthouse, Johannesburg

3 star
Located in Norwood, with easy access to the city
Was a communist safehouse during the apartheid struggle, and is in an area of incredible struggle history
Free wifi
Breakfast included
Excellent beds
Very good value
Great eateries nearby

From USD 100 per room per night

Uxolo is a great little guesthouse in the suburb of Norwood, and in the hub of resistance movement history. The house itself was a safehouse where communist leaders met during the apartheid struggle. Across the road is the house that Nelson Mandela often took refuge in, disguised as a garden worker. The photographer Eli Weinberg and the Communist Party chief theoritician Michael Harmel lived further down the road. So for political history Uxolo is in a really interesting place, and proprietor Karen is in the know. Great beds, comfortable rooms and very reasonable rates all add to the appeal.

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