In 2015 Coffeebeans marked its first 10 years in business with two international awards, cementing our leading role as sustainable tourism practitioners:

In April we won the African Responsible Tourism Awards, in the category Best for Engaging People and Culture. 

The judges’ reasons for winning: “Setting an example that could be replicated in other destinations, Cape Town-based Coffeebeans Routes creates travel experiences around urban stories. These are contemporary, urban, African experiences that provide deep insights, and plenty of fun. The experiences bring visitors and locals together across boundaries. Unapologetic about pushing social justice agenda, Coffeebeans Routes employs tourism as a tool to unlock economic potential and address societal inequalities through exploring cultural diversity and legacy”.

In October, we won the Skal International Sustainable Tourism Awards, in the category Tour Operator. 

The judges’ reasons for winning: “Providing a platform to facilitate social justice for ecological sustainability. Considering environmental sustainability as a byproduct of social justice. Favoring attractions that have strong conservation and social polices and programs and acting environmentally friendly. Supporting formal and informal cultural heritage organizations. Working with a range of musical, artistic and linguistic figures. Supporting people and organizations with good ideas. It should win the award because İt opens up new, inspiring and fertile horizons for the tourism business. Focus on storytelling as a powerful mechanism to create authentic experiences and integrate culture and community.”

Click here for more on our sustainability approach and policy.

And for more on the Storytelling Economy, click here.



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