Experiences around the stories of Cape Town & Johannesburg


We create hip, contemporary, urban African experiences. They provide deep insights and plenty of fun. We operate a portfolio of long-form and short-form specialist creative travel programmes, and we custom-make experiences around pretty much any topic. From tours to special events, as long as there are people and stories, we have a canvas.

We are music travel specialists, and we are recognised by the travel industry and international press as pioneers in creative tourism. Please see our Cape Town Tours and Packages sections for more on these activities.

We are also specialists in cultural events as part of economic development strategy. See our Portfolio section for details of projects we have completed.


In the new economy, our gold is not under the ground – it is on top. In the new economy, our gold is Human Capital. It is human skill, ideas, expression that can grow our economy.

In the trinity of Politics, Economics and Culture, Culture is the element that is most often left out. When times are tough, Culture is seen as the superflous cousin.

But Culture is the channel for identity. And identity, knowledge of self, and self-confidence, are the backbones of a thriving economy.

So Culture becomes an Economic imperative. Our economy cannot grow if we do not empower ourselves to believe in ourselves. And if the only thing that I can change is myself, how do we create the space for somebody to realise their own capacity for change?