Table Mountain & Robben Island

Digital StillCamera

Duration: 9 hours approx
Private bookings only

– Table Mountain by cable-car
– 360 degree views of the city
– Robben Island tour

– cable-car fees
– Robben Island Ferry and Tour fees
– guide & transfers
– mineral water

– drinks
– discretionary tips
– lunch

Table Mountain and Robben Island are grouped together because they provide two poles of story, two perspectives on history, and from a physical point of view, they are two significant spaces.

Part I. Table Mountain

To start with the mountain, because from here we can see the entire city, and its important to start with an overview. It really helps to shape the city, physically and from a narrative point of view, in your mind.

We begin with a look at the ‘mother in the mountain’, from the foot of Lion’s Head, which provides lovely insight into the city, and from there we ascend Table Mountain itself by cable-way. From here we can see almost to the beginning of time, and so our guide maps out the city physically, and in doing so, provides a good introduction to what has happened between the physically spaces of the city, over a long period of time. We have plenty of time up here to enjoy the elevated perspective, walk about and enjoy the good air. We can walk to Maclears Beacon if we like.

Part II. Robben Island

Robben Island, known most famously for being the prison that Nelson Mandela was held in for the best part of 27 years. To visit this prison island is not only to commemorate in some way the actions and change-making decisions of leaders like Mandela, but also to see the city from a different perspective and with a changed mindset.

NOTE: this programme is subject to change depending on weather and other conditions. If necessary, Robben Island tour takes place in the morning, and Table Mountain visit in the afternoon. If the weather does not allow for either visit to take place, guests can use their tickets to experience both on another day.