City Tour Cape Town

Duration: 4 hours (approx)

Pricing (pp) in ZAR

1R8 400R8 400
2R4 430R8 859
3R3 106R9 319
4R2 562R10 247
5R2 423R12 113
6R2 173R13 041
7R1 996R13 969
8R1 862R14 897
9 +R1 758R15 825

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  • Camissa, the indigenous city
  • District Six Museum
  • Bokaap
  • Local food tasters
  • Specialist guest host to provide deeper insights into the city


  • Tastings of local snacks
  • Mineral water
  • Entrance fees
  • Private guide
  • Collection from and return to centrally located accommodation


  • Discretionary tips
  • Lunch

Best suited for guests that 

  • prefer a private tour
  • are seeking an indigenous and black focused narrative of the city, beyond the colonial
  • looking for more than an orientation
  • wish to understand how the city as a whole fits together
  • like to ‘move the centre’

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Cape Town is deceptive. The inner city – or the original, historic Cape Town city – is very very small, and is often seen as being the city in its entirety. It is not longer the epi-centre of Cape town, but it is where the story of the city begins.

This half-day city tour puts the guest in touch with its very earliest days as the home of the Khoekhoe, right through to 10 years into the future and what is anticipated. It’s not widely known, even by Capetonians, that the nation’s first banks started here; that Cape Town’s start as a commercial city began with water; that the indigenous name for the city was is Camissa, which means `place of sweet waters’; that before the arrival of the Dutch there were thousands of years other history and stories.

We are interested in all the stories, and attempt in the four hours, to cover the widest diversity of the stories that have defined the city.

We include the District Six Museum and District Six the area briefly, and the old slave quarter, the Bokaap. We visit sites such as the Oranjezicht City Farm and the original city springs. 

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The tour is lead by a qualified, experienced and knowledgeable guide, but the guide is not the sole voice. Every tour we bring in a specialist who brings to life the indigenous stories of the city, or somebody who brings deep perspective on the future of the city, or someone who can illuminate 

Guests are collected from and returned to their centrally located accommodation.